Project Bijnor

Taking a monumental stride towards ensuring access to safe drinking water, the Jal Jeevan Mission, a flagship initiative of the Indian government, is transforming lives across the city. Here, Carbyne Infrastructure stands as a beacon of progress, in Phase 3 of JJM, which includes groundwater extraction, water treatment, water storage, and water supply through a piping network. Their commitment extends to sustainable practices, incorporating solar power for long-term viability. Through these concerted efforts, the mission aims to cover 800 km of water distribution network, heralding a brighter future.

Key Offerings of this Project

280 RVs

Developing Borewell

100 Building Pump houses

100 OHTs

68,000 Tap connections

100 Pumping stations

Installing Solar Power Systems

100 DeepTube wells

813 Kms Water Supply distribution Network