About Carbyne

At Carbyne Infrastructure, we represent the perfect blend of advanced engineering, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to building a better future. As a forward-thinking and leading company, our goal is to create the fundamental framework for thriving neighborhoods and the building blocks of tomorrow. We use our expertise and resources to develop impactful and sustainable buildings, redefining the boundaries of modern environments.

At Carbyne, we excel as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company, backed by a formidable team of highly skilled professionals. One of our noteworthy commitments is our active involvement in the prestigious Jal-Jeevan Mission, a project of immense national importance. Furthermore, Carbyne takes an active role in a diverse range of projects, including surface water management, road & highways infrastructure improvement, the construction of commercial towers, and the development of warehouse infrastructure.

Carbyne Commitment to excellence

At Carbyne, our relentless pursuit of infrastructure excellence has positioned us as the foremost infrastructure development company. We lead the charge in vital projects, ranging from ensuring access to clean water to the construction of essential roads & highways, bridges, and warehouses, all playing a pivotal role in advancing the nation's growth.

Carbyne operates as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company, backed by a highly skilled team of over 150 professionals. Our commitment to timely project delivery is fortified by our advanced Project Management System (PMS). The collective value of our ongoing projects exceeds INR 1000 crores, a testament to our resolute dedication to achieving the highest standards of excellence.


Our Mission is to build the foundation for a better future. We are committed to delivering innovative, sustainable and resilient infrastructure solutions.


Attain the position of being the most valuable Infrastructure institution. With an unwavering dedication to create state-of-the-art infrastructure for this and future generations.